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Oscar Urbina Ft. Paul Morris
God's Servant
God's Servant
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  • Oscar Urbina
    Oscar Urbina
  • Serge
  • Woody
  • Paul Morris
    Paul Morris
  • GRoc
  • Mashell Leroy
    Mashell Leroy
  • God’s Servant
    God’s Servant
  • B-doe
Oscar Urbina

Miami, Florida-born artist Oscar grew up in a Hispanic community raised by his mother and father.

Throughout his life Oscar was considered to be a non-practicing Catholic who would sometimes attend mass. Despite thinking he had a good relationship with God; he didn’t know anything about Jesus.

When Oscar was 16 years old, his friends went to go watch the most popular movie at the time, “Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson. After watching the Christ’s suffering, Oscar kept asking himself, “Why did they beat him like that? WHAT DID HE DO WRONG?” A few days later in his living room, Oscar came across the book titled “The Gospel of John.” As he flipped through each page he started to understand why Jesus suffered on the cross.

That was the start of God’s work in his heart. Over the years, Oscar discovered a writing talent, which developed into him becoming a Christian rapper. As he continued to work on his craft, he decided to study theology. After graduating, he went to New York City and became a theology teacher.

However, his passion to spread Christ through music was burning inside, and he recently teamed up with C.T.F Records in Miami, Florida to make Jesus famous through rap. His debut mixtape “Finally” was released in mid-January of 2014 with noteworthy features like Serge and many more.


Miami, Florida-born artist Serge grew up in a fatherless home. His mom and older sister took full responsibility to raise him in a functional and loving home. God has used various experiences in his life to mold him and give opportunities to reach people in his city.

In his junior year of high school, an old friend shared the gospel with him. After continuous invitations, Serge decided to join his friend’s church retreat and it was there that the Holy Spirit radically changed his life. Almost instantly, his renewed heart passionately sought after God.

After graduating from high school, Serge and 3 friends took a mission trip across America to preach the gospel from city to city. At 20 years old, he teamed up with his Christian friends and created a Hip Hop collective, Authentik (Serge, Big Mike, Prospekt, M.I.C., E-Van and Sciple). After their debut album Serge was introduced to a broader audience through being featured on tracks of several Christian Hip Hop’s heavy hitters.

Since the release of Authentik’s last album, He has collaborated with many of Christian hip-hops well known artists. His contributions on several albums were well received and have made him one of Christian Hip Hop’s top up and coming artists. He is currently working on his debut solo project ‘Off Season,’ which will be available in May of 2014.


Woody Eugene is a Christian rapper from Miami, Fl. In a crime populated area both parents, who are still married till this day, did everything possible to raise their son with good morals and character.

Woody’s love for music was evident at a young age when he spent his free time writing lyrics to beats he created with two pencils on his desk. It was in high school where a close friend introduced him to the Gospel. His view on life was transformed through the good news of Jesus Christ. Since then, he has developed a close relationship with God and tight Christian friendships, which produced the group called, Authentik. Their 2012 debut album, Groans Before Glory became a buzz in South Florida and around the nation.

Woody is currently finishing up his major in Criminal Justice at FIU. Humble, trustworthy, down to earth and laidback are some of the words described by his peers. His future plan involves continuing to do music, start a career in criminal justice and marry his longtime girlfriend.

Paul Morris

Paul Morris is a Miami born artist. At the tender age of 3 he began giving his family glimpses into his future as an entertainer. They even have the home videos to prove it. “He would always grab the toy microphone and sing along to the radio songs non-stop,” his mother stated. “When he was old enough, he joined the church choir and we all knew that’s where he belonged.”

Paul was raised in a Christian household; however, it was at the age of 16 that he made the very personal decision to surrender his life to Christ and vowed to use his to bring glory to God.

Growing up in church and being in the choir helped shape his sound. His childhood church gave him the freedom to explore his faith and his talent. He and 4 friends made up a Gospel Hip-Hop group called God’s Dynasty. His church began to open up to the fusion between hip-hop and the Christian culture. The childhood group remained a fond memory and a foundation as Paul continued to pursue music on his own while attending college.

He is talented in other creative areas such as dance, photography/videography, graphic design and music production. His talents have taken him all around the world on mission work in areas like Africa, Spain, Portugal, Turkish Virgin Islands and Jamaica.

Some of Paul’s singles include “P.U.S.H – Pray Until Something Happens”, “Let Me Be Myself” and “Mandalay”. He has worked with many of the top artists in this genre and has been featured on multiple albums, both as producer and artist.


Miami native George “G-Roc” Ramirez got involved with music at the age of 12 through his church, where he played bass guitar.

Two years later, he joined his father’s band as a guitarist and he grew more as an artist.

At the age of 15, a friend introduced him to FL Studio where he began using to make instrumentals. At the age of 17, he won his first beat battle with noteworthy judges becoming the Dynamic Producer Winner. This gave him the confidence to start his own company, Beat Mekanicz Productions. Since then, he has worked with many award-winning artists.

GRoc is currently working on his Bachelors in Business Management. He is also very involved in his church where he serves. His ultimate vision is to further the message of Christ by pushing Christian Hip-Hop to surpass the music industry standards.

Mashell Leroy

Mashell Leroy is an up and coming Christian Hip Hop producer. He has worked with noteworthy artists like God’s Servant and Serge.

He was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Miami, Florida, which exposed him to a myriad of musical genres that are embedded in the diversity of these major cities. Mashell has been passionate about music since his childhood years. He started playing violin at 9 years old and continued to play flute and piano through middle school & high school. His love for music never faded and only increased to new levels over the years.

Mashell Leroy currently holds an associate degree of science in recording arts and bachelors of Music with an emphasis in education. He is also a dedicated member of his church and serves through using his talents in music ministry. The Christian hip-hop producer is currently working on Serge’s forthcoming project “Off Season”.

God’s Servant

“I once was lost, but now I’m found”. God’s Servant’s bio, like many other’s, begins with being dead in his sins from not knowing God, to being raised to the newness of life that is found in Christ.

He was saved at 18 and has been since then, by God’s grace, enjoying the Lord ever since.

He wants to spend his life devoted to serving other people’s joy in Christ hopefully as a pastor.

He is married with one son, and would like to have a big family. God’s Servant was born in Detroit, lived everywhere, and now resides in Philadelphia.


Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, B-doe, Brandon Thomas is an artist who started creating his own hip hop music at 12 and switched his subject matter to reflect a more biblical worldview at 16, B-doe has been growing in his faith, serving in his local congregation, and developing as a man of integrity ever since.

Now 24 years old, B-doe’s passion is to preach repentance through the rap medium to all who will listen in his native city and beyond. He says “ … in Baltimore we’re used to murders on the news” and that in the local slang, a common response of resignation to this incessant crime is “that’s how it be though.” Local articulation of the last two quoted words is phonetically “b-doe,” hence how Brandon acquired his stage name. To him, it displays mankind’s lack of sensitivity to sin. What this young artist is voicing, though, is a cry to increase awareness of sin, reject it, and turn to the Most High. B-doe intends to spend his career in hip-hop doing just that.



600 SW 3rd Street
Pompano Beach
FL 33060



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