Mashell Leroy

by sachin, January 4, 2015

Mashell Leroy is an up and coming Christian Hip Hop producer. He has worked with noteworthy artists like God’s Servant and Serge.

He was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Miami, Florida, which exposed him to a myriad of musical genres that are embedded in the diversity of these major cities. Mashell has been passionate about music since his childhood years. He started playing violin at 9 years old and continued to play flute and piano through middle school & high school. His love for music never faded and only increased to new levels over the years.

Mashell Leroy currently holds an associate degree of science in recording arts and bachelors of Music with an emphasis in education. He is also a dedicated member of his church and serves through using his talents in music ministry. The Christian hip-hop producer is currently working on Serge’s forthcoming project “Off Season”.

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