Oscar Urbina

by sachin, January 9, 2015

Miami, Florida-born artist Oscar grew up in a Hispanic community raised by his mother and father.

Throughout his life Oscar was considered to be a non-practicing Catholic who would sometimes attend mass. Despite thinking he had a good relationship with God; he didn’t know anything about Jesus.

When Oscar was 16 years old, his friends went to go watch the most popular movie at the time, “Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson. After watching the Christ’s suffering, Oscar kept asking himself, “Why did they beat him like that? WHAT DID HE DO WRONG?” A few days later in his living room, Oscar came across the book titled “The Gospel of John.” As he flipped through each page he started to understand why Jesus suffered on the cross.

That was the start of God’s work in his heart. Over the years, Oscar discovered a writing talent, which developed into him becoming a Christian rapper. As he continued to work on his craft, he decided to study theology. After graduating, he went to New York City and became a theology teacher.

However, his passion to spread Christ through music was burning inside, and he recently teamed up with C.T.F Records in Miami, Florida to make Jesus famous through rap. His debut mixtape “Finally” was released in mid-January of 2014 with noteworthy features like Serge and many more.

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