Paul Morris

by sachin, January 6, 2015

Paul Morris is a Miami born artist. At the tender age of 3 he began giving his family glimpses into his future as an entertainer. They even have the home videos to prove it. “He would always grab the toy microphone and sing along to the radio songs non-stop,” his mother stated. “When he was old enough, he joined the church choir and we all knew that’s where he belonged.”

Paul was raised in a Christian household; however, it was at the age of 16 that he made the very personal decision to surrender his life to Christ and vowed to use his to bring glory to God.

Growing up in church and being in the choir helped shape his sound. His childhood church gave him the freedom to explore his faith and his talent. He and 4 friends made up a Gospel Hip-Hop group called God’s Dynasty. His church began to open up to the fusion between hip-hop and the Christian culture. The childhood group remained a fond memory and a foundation as Paul continued to pursue music on his own while attending college.

He is talented in other creative areas such as dance, photography/videography, graphic design and music production. His talents have taken him all around the world on mission work in areas like Africa, Spain, Portugal, Turkish Virgin Islands and Jamaica.

Some of Paul’s singles include “P.U.S.H – Pray Until Something Happens”, “Let Me Be Myself” and “Mandalay”. He has worked with many of the top artists in this genre and has been featured on multiple albums, both as producer and artist.

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