by sachin, January 8, 2015

Miami, Florida-born artist Serge grew up in a fatherless home. His mom and older sister took full responsibility to raise him in a functional and loving home. God has used various experiences in his life to mold him and give opportunities to reach people in his city.

In his junior year of high school, an old friend shared the gospel with him. After continuous invitations, Serge decided to join his friend’s church retreat and it was there that the Holy Spirit radically changed his life. Almost instantly, his renewed heart passionately sought after God.

After graduating from high school, Serge and 3 friends took a mission trip across America to preach the gospel from city to city. At 20 years old, he teamed up with his Christian friends and created a Hip Hop collective, Authentik (Serge, Big Mike, Prospekt, M.I.C., E-Van and Sciple). After their debut album Serge was introduced to a broader audience through being featured on tracks of several Christian Hip Hop’s heavy hitters.

Since the release of Authentik’s last album, He has collaborated with many of Christian hip-hops well known artists. His contributions on several albums were well received and have made him one of Christian Hip Hop’s top up and coming artists. He is currently working on his debut solo project ‘Off Season,’ which will be available in May of 2014.

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